the Picnic


As well as our scheduled walking tours, we offer bespoke picnics that emphasise our slow travel philosophy. Enjoying the culinary delights of the local cuisine, with a couple of locals out in nature will provide you with a completely unique experience. We believe that life should revolve around enjoying every moment to the fullest, and we would love to share that philosophy with you.

We like to treat Stykkishólmur as our own little food market, collecting food supplies from local food producers and farmers. We use their produce to prepare delicious dishes for a gourmet, high end picnic. This includes mussels (when in season) and dulse (a delicious, edible seaweed) from Símon a local seaman, cured fish and meat from local restaurants Sjávarpakkhúsið and Narfeyrarstofa, dried fish from Valli, sourdough bread from Helgi the baker and organically grown vegetables from Lágafell, a farm in the neighbourhood.

We handpick beautiful and exclusive locations depending on the season, weather and our mood of the day and bring homemade sweets, bubbly and delicious coffee. We can also provide complete package trips where we set up picnics on deserted islands, forests, beaches or pop up picnics wherever you are.

Our picnics can be small or big, simple or complicated, hot or cold, all to your liking. Our picnics are intended for any number of guests and they can be short or long in duration - we are up for anything!


Do not hesitate to get in touch and we will gladly create a bespoke experience that meets your needs and interests.

Nota Bene: As grandma Dóda always used to say: "There is always some kind of weather". We will try go for our walks whatever the conditions, and we will only cancel our walks if the Icelandic Meteorological Office issues warnings against being outside. In that case we will refund you or invite you on another trip when the weather is better. We encourage you to dress accordingly, especially since we will sit down for a small picnic whatever the weather - and it can get a little bit cold, so put on your long johns and a warm parka.