the Harbour


In Stykkishólmur life has always revolved around the harbour and it has played a key part in how the local character and spirit of the town has evolved. Historically the harbour has long played a vital role in connecting life on the many islands of Breiðarfjörður with the mainland, and it is this buzz and activity that has made it a vibrant cultural hub. Here you will find all walks of life from the locality and beyond; tourists, fishermen, travellers and nature lovers all meet and mingle with the residents of the town, and during the summer you can sample fresh produce and local delicacies from food trucks and restaurants.

We would like to guide you through the “Bryggjurúntur” a very popular custom among the locals, which will really get you below the surface of life in Stykkisholmur. Bryggjurúntur consists of touring the harbour, seeing fishermen unloading the day´s catch, hearing the local gossip and be a part of the daily comings and goings. The locals like to drive around the harbour but we will be walking. Our walk will put you at the centre of the sights, smells and sounds with a familiarity usually reserved for locals. Along the way we will discuss life in a small fishing village in Iceland, the origins and the future of our traditions, and satisfy your curiosities about this very special way of life.

The walking tour is about 1 km, and we will finish by climbing the steep stairway up to a small island connected to the harbour. The climb will reward you with amazing views across the breathtaking scenery of the archipelago within the Bay of Breiðarfjörður - best enjoyed with a tasty treat from the bay, along with a drink. Breiðafjörður has long been known as Iceland’s larder, as the area has remained one of the nation´s richest food sources throughout the ages. In centuries past, large numbers of our Icelandic ancestors would relocate to Breiðarfjörður to seek out food in order to survive during times of hardship. That culture of harvesting and providing remains, and in Stykkishólmur today you can find a surprisingly large number of high quality restaurants and artisan food producers per capita. In the picnic we will offer local seafood and meat from the finest restaurants in town, homemade sweets, bubbly and of course coffee.

We promise that our walking tour will ensure you leave not just as a visitor, but with an unforgettable experience of your time in Stykkishólmur!